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DEFREI LTD Information

DEFREI LTD has a registered company number, company name, and registered office.

DEFREI Role & Responsibilities

When you make a purchase at defrei.com, you are directly purchasing that product for the brand or brands that supply that product. We ensure that every product on our site is tagged with our brand that holds the rights to that product.

When you complete a purchase on defrei.com, you enter a contract with DEFREI which supplies the goods. We provide a platform which we trade our branded goods to you, the consumer. We complete a sale and process payments, refunds & shipping. Once we receive your full payment for an order, we will remove your debt obligation to DEFREI for that order.

Shipping is handled directly by DEFREI.

Gifting / Giveaway Terms & Conditions 

1. Introduction
These terms and conditions (the Terms) apply to the DEFREI Free Gift / Giveaway with purchase Promotions available from time to time on www.defrei.com
(the Website) including social media platforms.

2. The Gift

2.1. The gift is as detailed in the promotional advertising.

2.2. The Gift is exclusive of delivery costs.

2.3. The Gift is subject to availability. There is no cash alternative for the Gift
and the Promoter reserves the right to substitute the Gift with a gift of equal or
greater value.

2.4 The Gift cannot be exchanged. For example, the Gift cannot be exchanged
in the event the wrong item is selected for the free Gift.

2.5 In the event that any Product(s) purchased as part of qualifying transaction are returned and the qualifying transaction would therefore fall below the Qualifying Amount, the customer will be required to return the Gift.

2.6. The Promoter is not responsible for any additional costs and/or expenses
in relation to the Gift including (without limitation) travel costs, other than any
specifically listed as part of the Gift above and for the specified periods of time
(where applicable).

2.7 The Qualifying Amount is the amount after any discounts have been applied.

2.8. The participant shall not, while using the Gift, display or publicize any political slogans or homophobic language, images of a lewd or explicitly sexual nature, images containing logos of competitors and overt brand sponsorship or
anything else deemed to be ambush marketing, or content which is defamatory, obscene, illegal, vulgar, offensive or otherwise unsuitable or infringes others’ rights (including intellectual property rights).